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Welcome the Technology Made Simple, the coolest cult ever. I’m Devansh, the most-woke cult leader in tech (or pretty much anywhere). We are going to have a great time together.

Tech Made Simple is the best resource on the internet for anyone seeking to understand the chaotic and ever-changing industry of Tech. I will cover ideas in Computer Science, Software Engineering, and Tech as an industry to give readers a more comprehensive perspective. This empowers engineers, managers, and anyone in Tech to make better decisions.

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If you are someone who is struggling financially or if this newsletter is out of your budget, feel free to message me and I can give you a discounted rate based on your circumstances. The links you can use to reach out to me are at the end of this page (and in every article). For a demo of my writing, here is one article from each day-

  1. Math Monday- Many people struggle with recursion. This post covers the mathematical idea behind recursion to help you actually understand this powerful concept.

  2. Technique Tuesdays- Documentation is one of the most important aspects in software engineering and tech. Learn how to create amazing documentation by reading- Creating Good Documentation for Software Engineering.

  3. Wednesday and Thursday- One Wednesday I share a coding problem which I then solve on Thursday. Readers have fallen in love with the detailed and step-by-step solution. Here, I solve the 2SAT problem, considered one of the hardest coding interview problems.

  4. Finance Fridays- The Tech industry has several important differences to traditional industries. Every Friday, I help my readers understand the most important developments in the industry. My post Why Tech and Crypto Stocks are so extreme [Finance Fridays] has been loved by experts in Tech and Finance alike.

  5. Storytime Saturdays- This day is dedicated to detailed deep dives on career progression, leadership, networking, and a lot more. In How to become an effective leader in Tech” I like to talk to various leaders in Tech about their experiences and running teams. and compiled motifs I noticed. 

  6. Systems Design Sundays- Dedicated to breaking down how to build and design scalable systems. This post on Bloom Filters has been loved by all my readers.

PS- I have finished all the meaningful Leetcode questions, so Wednesdays and Thursdays are now on a per-request basis. If a reader shares a question/I come across something interesting, I cover it. Otherwise, those days are off.

These are just one of many.

I look forward to having you join us. Once again, you can refer to the FAQs here, or scroll down to use one of the links to reach out to me/look at my other content-

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